30 Jun 2015

weightlifter wrist strap

A friend of mine is a weightlifter and at one point he found a wrist wrap that he wanted but they did not ship to denmark.Therefore he asked me if I could make a similar one. This is not the first one I made but the fifth,

First your cut the two straps 6 cm wide and 53,5 cm long from 2,8 mm leater

Previously I cut the straps with a strapcutter. This was not that easy so this time I decided to use my new  round knife. I haven't used my round knife for any "important" cuts yet so I was a bit nervous when I began cutting. I marked the cutting lines using a wing divider.

Using the round knife to make long straight cuts is what its suppose to do very well and it did just that.

In between the straps I use a 14mm round punch

A 18x4mm oblong punch is used to cut the holes. I think a 16 or 17 would be better but only have a 18mm.

The ends on the straps for the buckles are skived. As you can see on the pictures I accidently cut one of the straps too short. I hope it will be okay anyway.

Then the edges are beveled

Læderfedt is applied.

The same 18x4 oblong punch is used to make holes for the buckles.

The backside gets some water to help bend the strap.

The straps are then glued in place

The stitching holes are marked.

A small mark is stamped into the corner

Then it is sewn.



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