29 Oct 2015

Pattern for briefcase

What is a tutorial worth without a pattern? Almost nothing if you ask me, so naturally I have included the pattern.

When cutting out the pattern, don't just follow it blindly. Allow a couple of extra centimetres on pieces where it makes sense so that you don't run short. Also, I can't guarantee that it is 100% correct, so double check the measurements as you go along. If you find any mistakes let me know and I will correct them.

Regarding the gusset and partition board I have changed the pattern so that it has the dimensions that I think are correct. If I mention any other measurements along the way don't follow them. Follow the pattern!

The PDF files are 1:1 so you can print it and cut it if your wish.



  1. Where is the tutorial for this pattern? Pattern looks great, just a little confused how some of it goes together...

    1. Yes it is a little confusing. the tutorial starts here http://andersenleather.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2016-01-22T21:11:00%2B01:00&max-results=10&start=14&by-date=false from the post cald "Classic English briefcase with an accordion gusset"

      you can also see it here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Classic-leather-briefcase-with-accordion-gusset/

      please note that i have made some modifications to the pattern. Mainly concerning the length of the gusset


  2. What size paper should I print on?