22 Jan 2016

SOLD - Music bag for sale

This bag has been sold

This music bag is light brown with some shades of orange and red in it. The bag in this post is more brown without any shades of red or orange. One of the straps has some uneven stitches. Right next to this strap there is a smal hole. The handle end is rounded and not pointy. Also the handle is a bit thicker than the other bag. The leather is shoulder from metropolitanleather. 3mm in the main part and 1,5 mm in the gusset.

The dimensions are:
height: 27 cm (not including the handle)
Width: 36 cm
Thickness: 7,5 cm 

Inside width: 32 cm


  1. Replies
    1. 230 usd not including shipping which is 50-80 usd depending where you live