12 Oct 2015

Adding custom stamp

At work I have access to a formlabs 3d printer and a press. This enables me to make custom stamps. Dr. J.O.D wanted his initials on the flap and name on the short part of the shoulder strap.

I made the impression on the strap first. I applied water but later found this could be left out. The impression was great but it was just a tiny bit out of alignment with the edge. This was okay as the impression will be hidden behind the long part of the shoulder strap.

The initials will not be hidden so any mistakes will be almost fatal! I spend a long time positioning the stamp to make sure it was dead center and parallel with the edge. My hands were shaking when I applied the pressure but luckily everything turned out to be great!

The press at work has a good size to it.
 Place the stamp and slide it under the press.
The dark spots is due to water.
 Carefully place the stamp.
 Slide it ind a give it a good press.

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