13 Oct 2015


The shoulder pad is very simple to make. Make holes that fits the strap and glue it together with another piece of leather, stitch it and finish the edges. One thing to remember is not to apply cement to the area just below the cutouts for the straps. The top layer is the same leather as the rest of the bag. The bottom layer is the same as the gusset. The bottom layer has the flesh side out. This is to help create friction so the it does not move around on the shoulder. I chose not to dye it mainly because it is not possible to give it a good buff without smoothing out the surface. Without the buffing the dye could rub and we don't want that.

Mark where the holes should be
 Punch the holes.
 All holes done
 Dye and burnish the edges.
 Cut the backing piece over size.
 You dont want any contact cement inside the squares.
 Apply contact cement.
 After drying glue together.
 Cut of the sides.
 Round the corners. Sand and bevel the edges. Mark holes for stitching.
 Back side. The flesh side is used to add friction when using the pad.

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