18 Oct 2015

Sewing on the strap holders

Before the strap holders can be sewn on we have to determine where they should be. To do this we use the top assembly and mark holes in the center of where the straps will be. The center of the strap holder needs to be right on top of the center mark. I want them to be 4 cm from the bottom edge and luckily they need to be exactly 6 cm from the side.

To make the sewing easier you need to tack them down with a nail. Do one side first and then place a strap underneath, tack it down and sew it. When sewing make sure that you always begin from the same side. This will ensure that sewing will be the same on all 8 stitching line.

The total length of the thread needs to be 45 cm.

Position the top strap assembly so it is centered. The strip of leather it to avoid scratches.
 Make a mark right in the middle of the strap slot.

 tried with the strap to see if my marks were correct.
 The mark was right in the middle of the strap.
 Tack it down with a nail so that the mark is in center of the strap holder.
 Put it on a piece of cork and pierce it with the awl.
 The other side is done the same way. First put in the nail but not all the way through.
 Press the strap firmly against the stitching.
 Press it down.
 Press the nail so that it is vertical and hammer it in place.
 Make the holes.
 When making the hole at the end you don't want to make it a a 45ยบ angle. Make it so that the awl is parallel with the edge. Also the hole should be just under the strap. Otherwise the stitch will become too big.
 For the four strap holders you need 16 threads.. it takes time! Each thread is cut 45 cm long. From eye to eye they are 35 cm.
 Pull the thread through the first hole in the strap. This needle is just to hold everything in place.
 Do a back stitch.
 And cast the thread.
 Stitch forward as normal.
You see that the thread lay nice and parallel.
 When coming to the last hole you should do a few back stitches.
 The first back stitch you cast the thread.
 The second back stitch you do not cast the thread.
 The last back stitch only the front needle goes through to get a nice front.
 The end result.

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