17 Feb 2018

Another Classic Briefcase

Having build a few of these already does it make sense to make yet another post about it?
I think it does as the process and techniques changes every time. It might not be big changes but even small improvements can make a big difference.

A while ago I stumbled upon a domestic website that offers laser cutting in many different materials. The prices are very reasonable so I used this build to get the pattern exactly right so that I can have it cut in 3mm acrylic.

Something I have struggled with each time is making the gusset the correct length. Last time I thought I nailed it but I was way of. Taking this failure into considerations I made the gusset shorter and got the perfect length.

Edges after first coat of dye

The pockets I normally make for the partition board are "flat" pockets which really cant hold that much. This time I made "shaped" pockets which are much bigger.

I used an improvised jig to place the strap holders. This made it a lot easier to get them perfectly aligned. I will however not have the jig made from acrylic. Instead I will include the position of the holes in the back piece pattern.

When you are in a hurry it's faster just to run the strap thorugh the keeper.

I also made a few accessories. A card holder, a pen holder and a key holder.


  1. Looks great, as usual. Really enjoy following your work.

  2. Excellent, beautiful work, thank you for you blog....